What Should You Remember About Mattresses Sold In Boxes?

The phrase “mattress in a box” is often used to describe mattresses that may be ordered online and then compressed before being sent to the customer. These configurations of beds also go by other names. Compared to mattresses sold in stores, this one is just as well-made and useful. We need more price competition. Online firms have lower overhead costs since they don’t need to pay rent for a physical location or pay their sales personnel a salary. A queen size mattress in a box is available at a lower price. Their popularity is certain among consumers trying to save costs and benefit from convenient home delivery options. A mattress is quite simple to package. It is common practice for mattresses to be compressed, encased in polyethylene, and then rolled from cylinders for shipping. This is how the mattress is “folded up” to be transported through regular ground shipping.

Why Are Mattresses Sold In Boxes Preferable?

Buying a new mattress online offers several benefits over shopping at a traditional store. Here are a few examples:


Recently, buying a mattress online may save a lot of money compared to buying the same mattress at a shop. This is because the overhead for brick-and-mortar shops is much greater since they need more employees to run effectively.


Online mattress stores have made it so that you may avoid leaving your home searching for a new bed. Those who live in more remote areas may benefit greatly from the convenience of internet shopping.

Salespeople Are Missing In Action:

Mattress salespeople often get commission-based compensation. When a consumer has a question regarding a product, the staff is quick to respond and helpful. Customers looking for a new mattress could feel pressured by pushy salespeople. Businesses with an online presence often provide a chat feature as a customer support option, although site visitors and those with inquiries are under no obligation to participate. Many mattress websites will provide product data and photographs to assist you in comparing various models and manufacturers.

Cost-Free Delivery

Because of the small nature of a mattress in some boxes, ground transportation firms like FedEx, USPS, and many others may be able to deliver it for free. Most online stores deliver for free inside the contiguous United States, but some will additionally ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and certain other regions of the United States and even Canada. Only a few internet retailers provide free white-glove delivery, which entails setting up the mattress at the buyer’s house and then hauling away the old one. However, most of these companies will charge you for using this service.

Studying How Well People Sleep:

Many people would prefer to test out a mattress in person before purchasing it online. Consumers may try out many different types of equipment in brick-and-mortar shops. However, a brief test of a mattress’s comfort level is unlikely to represent how you’ll feel after sleeping on it night and night. Our research shows that the great majority of online retailers provide sleep experiments, during which time customers may try out a bed at no risk and make an informed decision about whether to keep it, return it to receive a reimbursement, or (in rare cases) exchange it for receiving a different product.

Best Considerations Before mattress shopping

About a third of our lives is spent on mattresses. Over time, the greatest mattress in 2022 will become contaminated with things like dead skin, sweat, hair, body odors, animal dander, what is the best mattress to buy? Linens are constantly kept clean. However, the mattress should be cleaned daily. We suggest doing this once or twice annually or whenever someone in your household experiences an illness or injury. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of foam mattresses, each of which has unique cleaning requirements.


Your sleeping posture can affect mattress choice. Unsupportive mattresses can cause pain and poor sleep.

Back sleepers

Softer mattresses won’t support your spine if you sleep on your back. A firmer foam or hybrid mattress may help you sleep better.


Side sleeping puts pressure on your hips and shoulders, so choose a softer mattress to cushion your body and ease the pressure. Memory foam or padded mattresses are popular with side sleepers.


Healthcare providers encourage stomach sleepers to adopt a healthier position. According to Washington chiropractor Michael J. A. Longo, DC, stomach sleeping stresses the spine. Back and back injuries can result. If you can only sleep on your stomach, purchase the correct mattress. Stomach-mattress sleepers should support the spine.


Combination sleepers alter positions at night. If you turn over often, ensure you’re comfortable in any position. A medium-firm mattress may balance comfort and support. Memory foam mattresses can make it difficult to change position and leave you feeling stuck due to their body-contouring benefits. Consider latex and other movable foams. Hybrids are responsive because they combine innerspring and foam layers.


Your body type can alter mattress support. People who weigh less than 130 pounds will find a moderate mattress firmer. Choose a softer mattress if you sleep on your side or require pain relief. Over-230-pound people need a firmer bed for support. Hybrids mix innerspring coils and foam for durability. Mattresses less than 12 inches may not provide enough support, especially foam beds.


If you wake up with back or neck pain, your bed may no longer support your body and maintain your spine neutral, says Longo. Sleeping on an unsupportive mattress frequently makes the pain worse. Research suggests moderate mattresses might be the most useful at lowering discomfort and enhancing sleep quality.


New mattress prices depend on aspects like Materials. Natural or organic construction materials cost more.  Worksite. Outsourced mattress firms can charge less but make sure they follow US safety regulations. Type. Foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses are available. Actual innerspring mattresses are harder to obtain today, but they’re the cheapest. Latex foam mattresses cost more than regular foam. Hybrids cost more since they feature coils and foam, but many shoppers find their longevity worth it. Queen mattresses cost less than $1,000. A good price range is $600–$1,100. Queen luxury mattresses cost $1,500.

Want something cheaper?

You can discover $300–$600 choices. These mattresses are plain. Pay more if you desire temperature regulation, pillow toppers, unflappability, or greater pressure relief.  You don’t need a fancy mattress, but a poorly manufactured one won’t do. You may need to replace your mattress in a few years, so buy the best you can afford. A 10-year-old mattress is suitable.